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Burning out

I missed my usual Monday post a few weeks ago. Technically, you could almost count this post as a “miss,” too. It’s a symptom of an ongoing problem that has come to a head.

Lately, I really don’t have anything to write about. Some might say that was the case even when I do write; I’m not exactly eloquently expressing the human condition on this blog. My posts are more like crayon scrawlings on a Five Guys wrapper. Anyway, the fact remains that I’ve been having some severe writers’ block, and much to my chagrin, most of the time when I finally dredge up something to write about…it ends up being something I already posted years ago! We’re not talking about expounding on a previous subject; I mean that I completely forgot that I had already written about it, and nearly posted the same bullshit twice.

I’m even starting to burn out on my Green Lantern blog; there’s always new comic releases to cover there, so running out of stuff to write about is never an issue. But the stories just aren’t as good as my old favorites (nothing ever is), even though some of the new stuff is fun to read. Plus, even though the current books aren’t as buried in events and massive crossovers as they were up until about a year ago, there’s still too many long-running arcs and tales that don’t end in the main books. I know that’s how modern comics work, but it’s still rather boring and annoying to me.

Maybe I just need a break. The last time this happened, I got rid of my blog entirely; that’s what I constantly refer to as the “old blog.” The hiatus only lasted about four months, though, and then I launched Text and Violence. (Granted, this blog has a different focus than my old one, which was more of a catchall.) I wouldn’t do the same again, as I’m very comfortable with how the blog runs and all that. I’d still leave it up and running, it’s just that posts may be few and far between over the next few months.


2 comments to Burning out

  • Tom

    That’s pretty much how my old blog dried up. After that I tried LiveJournal for a while, but that went stagnant, too. Then out of nowhere I decided to give tumblr a whirl, and that format seemed to hit the sweet spot for me. As you know, I use it primarily for fandom multimedia quick-shots, but when something comes up to inspire me, I’ll crank out a full-fledged blog post for it. What works for me is not giving myself any deadlines or quotas to meet. As you know, my only “structured” site is my anime review site, but tumblr has become my online tackboard for everything else. The format there fits my needs just right, it seems.

    I’m not sure what might solve your dilemma, but perhaps a Devin Townsend style deconstruction is in order. 😉

  • Brendan

    I’d wait until you get an inspiration to write – the blog is supposed to be fun right? :)

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